Friday, 25 July 2014

Cluster Member Spotlight - Mat Clark

Mat Clark is a senior lecture on BA(Hons) Animation, and is about to start his Masters course in Animation at Sheffield Hallam University, where he will be pushing his own practice and storytelling skills.

Mat's research as part of the ACT cluster has been focused on advanced modelling in Maya and Mudbox. With Garry Barker and Annabeth Robinson - he is been involved with working collaboratively to realise Garry Barker's Illustrations into 3D Animations and CGI models - to allow Garry to see his work remediated digitally, as well as explore new possibilities of storytelling in the future.

© Garry Barker 2014

This joint venture was disseminated at the Staff Development Week - as part of the Research Day, where the project's current work in progress was presented - in the next academic year, motion capture and performance will be explored.

Mat has also successfully created a new plugin for MAYA called the Super Lattice Modifer, which has been a popular download in the 3D community.

©Mat Clark 2014

More of his research and creative practice can be found on his blog

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